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You Want Your Small Business to be Successful…

Maybe you need some help in getting it there. Help with evaluating your idea, developing your strategy, preparing your business or marketing plan, or finding start-up or expansion capital.  Maybe you just need help with your daily operations and figuring out how to operate a more efficient office.

The first step in achieving your business goals is to know what you need help with and finding the right consultant to help get you there and that's what we do at KDN Consulting Group!


Having a great concept and the passion to follow through is the first step in bringing your business idea to fruition.  Next, you’ll need a vision and strategy that will help to set the foundation on which your success will grow, a business plan that will act as your road map of how to do it, a cash flow spreadsheet that will help you to determine your monthly expenditures, income, sales goals and start-up capital needed.  KDN Consulting Group has the expertise and resources to assist and support you in getting your business up and running!

Among our many services we can show you how to:

  • Research and evaluate your business concept
  • Develop your strategy
  • Determine who your target customer is
  • Establish credibility with your prospects and investors
  • Create an image for your business services or products
  • Develop a strong network of referrals
  • Use Public Relations
  • Develop your daily operations and determine what you will need help with

Established Businesses

One of the most important steps to take in keeping your business healthy and growing is to never take it for granted!  Business owners must constantly look at ways to grow, better manage, market, evaluate and build an image that will help in moving to the next level of success.  Whether you are seeking expansion capital or need to evaluate your sales system and approach, we have the experts and strategies to assist you.  Our mission in helping established businesses is to provide them with the resources, methods and fresh perspectives that will help to facilitate positive and profitable change.

We can help you to:

  • Understand why your clients/customers buy or don’t buy from you.
  • Research current trends and changes in your industry.
  • Improve your business image.
  • Retain existing clients/customers while acquiring new ones.
  • Launch your new products or services
  • Re-structure or develop a new sales system.
  • Set measuring and accountability tools to keep your goals on target.
  • Develop an exit strategy

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